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Royal Tramp II

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Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鹿鼎記2神龍教
Simplified Chinese鹿鼎记2神龙教
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinLù Dǐng Jì Èr Shén Lóng Jiào
Directed byWong Jing
Screenplay byWong Jing
Story byLouis Cha
Produced byStephen Shiu
Jimmy Heung
StarringStephen Chow
Brigitte Lin
Natalis Chan
Sandra Ng
Chingmy Yau
Michelle Reis
Damian Lau
Deric Wan
CinematographyDavid Chung
Edited byChuen Chi
Music byWilliam Hu


Win's Movie Productions

Distributed byGolden Harvest

Release date

  • 24 September 1992

Running time

93 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$36,583,964.00

Royal Tramp II is a 1992 Hong Kong film based on Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron. The film is a sequel vĩ đại Royal Tramp, which was released earlier in the same year.


Having been revealed as the false Empress Dowager, Lung-er returns vĩ đại the Dragon Sect camp. There, the sect leader reminds her of their mission vĩ đại tư vấn Ng Sam-kwai's, a military general, chiến dịch for the throne before abdicating her title vĩ đại Lung-er.

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Siu-bo lounges at the brothel where he once worked but is then attacked by disciples of the One Arm Nun, an anti-Qing revolutionary figure, before being quickly subdued. When Siu-bo tries vĩ đại take advantage of them, Ng Ying-hung, Ng Sam-kwai's son, exposes his lies. Scorned and unaware of the stranger's title, Siu-bo sends his men after Ying-Hung, but Lung-er, now disguised as Ying-hung's male bodyguard, easily fends them off.

At the palace, The Emperor, wary of Ng Sam-kwai's intentions, marries off the Princess vĩ đại Ying-hung and assigns Siu-bo vĩ đại be the Imperial Inspector General of the wedding march, so sánh that he can keep his eyes on the general's activities. This complicates Siu-bo's relationship with Princess when she tells Siu-bo she's pregnant with his child.

The One Arm Nun and her disciple, Ah Ko, later ambushes the procession. Fighting vĩ đại a standstill with Lung-er, the assailants escape with Ying-hung and Siu-bo. However, Siu-bo garners some respect from her when he reveals his dual identity as a Heaven and Earth Society commander. Lung-er finally catches up vĩ đại them with reinforcements at an inn but only manages vĩ đại rescue Siu-bo. Having been saved by Ying-hung before, Ah Ko elopes with him amid the confusion.

At the Dragon Sect camp, Ying-hung and Fung Sek-fan secretly poisons Lung-er and turn the followers against her. She escapes with Siu-bo but must have sex with a man before dawn, otherwise she will die. However, this will transfer 4/5th of her martial arts' power vĩ đại whomever she sleeps with. Despite Siu-bo's lecherous personality, Lung-er accepts his blunt honesty as a sign of virtue and chooses vĩ đại sacrifice her virginity vĩ đại Siu-bo and becomes his third wife.

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When Siu-bo gets back vĩ đại the Princess, they execute a plan vĩ đại castrate Ying-hung. With her betrothed no longer able vĩ đại produce heirs, the Princess is taken by Siu-bo as his fourth wife. Enraged by the kết thúc of his family line, Ng Ying-hung prematurely gathers his troops and sets out vĩ đại wage war with the Emperor. He tasks Fung Sek-fan with killing the Princess and Siu-bo. Though Chan Kan-nam manages vĩ đại intervene and lets his disciple escape.

Later, the One Arm Nun captures the elopers, Ying-hung and Ah Ko, and offers them vĩ đại Siu-bo. Siu-bo pardons them and even takes Ah Ko as his fifth wife. Afterward, Fung Sek-fan is promoted when he surrenders Ng Sam-kwai's battle plans and Chan Kan-nam vĩ đại the Emperor. Given Siu-bo's muddied history with the Heaven and Earth Society, the Emperor tasks him with Chan's execution. Siu-bo's newfound power is difficult for him vĩ đại control, and Chan helps him master it in time for him vĩ đại use it against Fung. Siu-bo also uncovers the secret of the 42 Chapters books after burning them in frustration, revealing hidden stones that are left unburned, revealing map coordinates vĩ đại the location of the treasure all major parties have been attempting vĩ đại locate.

In order vĩ đại save his master, Siu-bo defeats Fung with his newly acquired martial arts power after both falling into a hidden cave wherein the treasure is found, and swaps Feng's toàn thân with Chan's before the execution vĩ đại save his master. And just as he was about vĩ đại escape with his wives and Chan, the Emperor arrives with his troops, having been sold out by Siu-bo's opportunistic friend To-lung who is now involved romantically with Siu-bo's sister. But seeing that they are friends, his sister is in love with Siu-bo, and with Siu-bo bluffing that he's strong enough vĩ đại demolish the Emperor and his entire army if he wanted, the Emperor lets them go, declaring that Siu-bo has died and no longer exists as far as he's concerned. Siu-bo laughs afterward that the Emperor fell for his bluff.


  • Stephen Chow as Wai Siu-bo
  • Brigitte Lin as Lung-er
  • Chingmy Yau as Princess Kin-ning
  • Michelle Reis as Ah Ko/Li Ming-ko
  • Natalis Chan as To-lung
  • Damian Lau as Chan Kan-nam
  • Deric Wan as Hong-hei Emperor
  • Kent Tong as Ng Ying-hung, Sam-kwai's son
  • Paul Chun as Ng Sam-kwai
  • Sandra Ng as Wai Chun-fa
  • Fennie Yuen as Seung-yee twin
  • Vivian Chan as Seung-yee twin
  • Yen Shi-kwan as Fung Sek-fan
  • Helen Ma as Kau-nan/one-armed Divine nun
  • Sharla Cheung as Mo Tung-chu / Empress Dowager
  • Law Lan as founder of Divine Dragon Sect
  • Tam Suk-moi as Ah Nong
  • Hoh Choi-chow as Palace guard Wen Shan Lun
  • Yeung Jing-jing
  • Wan Seung-lam
  • Lee Fai
  • Cheng Ka-sang
  • Ho Wing-cheung
  • Kwan Yung
  • To Wai-wo


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