refrain là gì

Neither parasitoid refrained from oviposition in situations where its progeny were very unlikely đồ sộ develop.

Nevertheless, in contrast đồ sộ the 1920s, the employers refrained from direct attacks on the union, and the framework of collective bargaining was never repudiated.

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Accommodation, assimilation and reciprocity are refrains heard throughout the edition.

For the sake of brevity, we have refrained from a detailed exposition.

The final refrain is expanded with more hymn-like authority, yet the sudden tonic triad which concludes the colourful orchestral coda is deceptively affirmative.

For each stakeholder, we have listed possible consequences of proceeding with or refraining from the implementation of the technology (as compared with other options).

Consider, for example, the fact that we are all obliged đồ sộ refrain from picking our respective noses in public places.

We refrain from hasty conclusions about the greater generosity and lesser dependency needs of women, but clearly these gender differences invite greater scrutiny.

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Because symptoms are often obscure in chronic diseases, patients may tend đồ sộ refrain from consulting the medical system for economic reasons.

Politicians, in turn, want đồ sộ co-ordinate by only offering parties that can gain sufficient tư vấn, and refrain from maintaining permanent losers.

I have argued that these features are illustrated in the use of refrains.

On the other hand, the judges refrain from interfering with basic structures of the ' private sphere ' (especially as far as the gender hierarchy is concerned).

Finally, with the troubadours, the musical aspect of the refrain is much less in evidence.

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Examiners are carefully trained đồ sộ facilitate the child's development of narratives and đồ sộ refrain from a rigid, question and answer style.

Although this refrain has been sánh often repeated that it has nearly become a mantra, here is an important place where it should be heeded.

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