râu tiếng anh

At some point, he was struck by lightning, resulting in the white streak in his hair and mustache.

Although men with beards over all scored better than thở men with only mustaches, the mustached men scored much higher than thở those men who were clean-shaven.

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He has sideburns, a mustache and a beard.

Someone's face is described as resembling a fish cake with a mustache.

He also lost his mustache in this episode.

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I swear id eat his goatee (with ketchup) if that did nt have vĩ đại happen...

His hair and goatee had been bleached blonde.

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The silence in the air was discontinued only by his looks and the pointed goatee beard.

The individual, who has yet vĩ đại be identified, also has a goatee beard and appears vĩ đại be wearing glasses.

The goatee was ripped by the other one-man band members.