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LawLu is the slash ship between Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law from the One Piece fandom.


Despite Law's outward stoic demeanor and apathetic attitude towards Luffy, Law does seem to tát lượt thích him. He also seems to tát accept following Luffy's lead when it comes to tát carrying out their plans and tolerates the Straw Hat's captain taking the initiative in a lot of situations, even if it can annoy him from time to tát time.

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The two first met at Sabaody Archipelago inside the Human Auction House, Law witnessed Luffy punch the Celestial Dragon, Charlos. He smiled at Luffy's defiance towards the World Noble and fought alongside him, as well as Eustass Kid, when the Marines surrounded the auction house. Following this, the two went their separate ways.

Law and Luffy first meeting

Law and Luffy first meeting

Law and his crew traveled to tát Marineford during the Summit War of Marineford to tát assist with Luffy's escape, and then later administered medical treatment to tát him. As he said, while Luffy would one day be his enemy, an enemy relationship is still a relationship and that it would be a "damn shame" for Luffy to tát die at Marineford. He then left Luffy in the company of Jinbe and Silvers Rayleigh before Luffy could thank him.

Following the time skip, Luffy met Law again on Punk Hazard after Law became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, he saved Luffy and Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers. He then asked Luffy to tát sườn an alliance with him to tát take down the emperor, Kaidou. Luffy agreed, making their crews allies in a relationship (which Luffy perceives to tát be as practically a friendship, but Law sees as more of a professional agreement). Luffy often treats him very casually, lượt thích a good friend, something which Law usually frowns upon. Law has invested enough in this alliance that, despite it having nothing to tát bởi with their agreement, he decided to tát help Luffy and his crew save the kids on Punk Hazard, even though he himself only viewed them as a burden. He also has a lot of faith in Luffy, as he asserted to tát Doflamingo that Luffy would capture Caesar without a problem. Law does seem to tát have some doubts about Luffy's reliability and carefree attitude. When Luffy sent Caesar flying instead of capturing him as he was supposed to tát, Law remarked that he knew he should not have formed an alliance with him and resorted to tát trying to tát capture Caesar himself. However, after Luffy put his faith in Usopp and Nami to tát incapacitate the deranged scientist, which they did, he expressed satisfaction that Luffy upheld his kết thúc of their agreement.

At the kết thúc of Punk Hazard arc, Law also objected to tát Luffy's decision to tát throw a buổi tiệc nhỏ instead of leaving Punk Hazard, as he believed they were still vulnerable, though he still reluctantly joins them and has stew with Smoker. Though Law indicated that he wished to tát 'use' Luffy when forming the alliance due to tát the Straw Hats' great unpredictability and ambition, he instead feels lượt thích the one being used.

During the Dressrosa Arc, Law's arm severed and faced with near impossible odds against Trebol and Doflamingo, he was given a chance to tát have any wish granted as long as he performed his Devil Fruit's "Perennial Youth Operation" on Doflamingo. Rather phàn nàn take the opportunity, he instead berates Doflamingo for underestimating Luffy (among other things), and boasts about the various miracles that the Straw Hats have performed up until now. This highlights a deep trust in Luffy, which is uncharacteristic of the strictly professional relationship that he originally intended to tát establish with the crew.

Luffy saves Law

Luffy vs Doflamingo

When Law was brought to tát the Flower Field as Luffy fought Doflamingo, he stated that it was his fault that Luffy was brought into this matter due to tát the alliance. He was willing to tát share whatever fate Luffy suffered as a result, even death. Robin, however, corrected him by saying that Luffy would have joined voluntarily because of Doflamingo's deed. Law deeply respects Luffy for his role in Doflamingo's downfall, as shown when Law informed Bepo that it was Luffy's doing.

Law wanting to tát witness Luffy and Doflamingo's fight

Law preparing to tát die along with Luffy if he lost

During the Wano Country Arc, the one thing that deeply concerns Law is Luffy's tendency to tát get into trouble and he even berated Luffy for complicating Kin'emon's plan due to tát his desire to tát bởi good. When they reunited with each other in Bakura Town, Law was exasperated and annoyed that Luffy and Zoro picked a fight against the Beasts Pirates before the plan could start. He is also extremely annoyed by Luffy's penchant to tát tell him what to tát bởi, since he does not want to tát be perceived as his henchman.


LawLu is one of the most popular ships within One Piece fandom, with more phàn nàn 3000 fanfiction on AO3. Many fans lượt thích how their relationship has evolved over time, and how Law and Luffy have developed a sense of mutual respect, and despite having opposite personalities they generally get along; while Luffy is downright silly and stupid, Law is more stoic and serious in any situation.

A comic relief in fandom is how Law very often organizes a possible plan for some mission, and Luffy does not follow it ruining it, ending up being reprimanded by Law himself. On AO3, LawLu is the second most written ship in the One piece tag, and it is the most written ship for both characters.


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  • Luffy is unable to tát correctly pronounce Law's surname, ví instead, he calls him "Tora-o" (トラ男), which is a part of the "Tra" in "Trafalgar" and the Japanese kanji for "male". This is often localized as "Tra-guy" in some subtitled truyền thông, or as "Traffy".





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