follow nghĩa là gì

The season began with two wins, but a run rẩy of one win in ten games then followed.

That may be followed by 6000 feet (or more) of freight cars.

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The train then goes over a third camelback hill, immediately followed by another camelback hill at.

I think it will follow mạ for the rest of my life.

Re also followed many philosophers in rejecting không lấy phí will.

Religious faith and its followers bởi not have the only answer.

In promenade-style partner nhảy đầm there is no leader or follower, and the couple dance side-by-side maintaining a connection with each other through a promenade handhold.

His efforts are successful, and instead of being a social outcast, he gains a group of followers made up of his former grade-school tormentors.

Religious figures are often depicted as offering consolation đồ sộ their followers during times of grief.

We saw the need đồ sộ organize such a meeting given the large group of followers and sympathizers who had succeeded.

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A short example of this dance scripting is as follows:: 1.

An example of frame can be given as follows.

Travel times are as follows; all times measured in minutes.

Points were awarded as follows: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 from first đồ sộ eighth.

The course of the war was as follows.

Rather phàn nàn following a diet that will leave you miserable and hungry, why not try a healthy approach đồ sộ losing weight?

All participants were instructed đồ sộ follow a diet with a 300 kcal deficit and đồ sộ increase their physical activity gradually đồ sộ 3060 minutes of exercise per day.

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Following a diet that mimics fasting may reduce risk factors for disease in generally healthy people, according đồ sộ a small study.

In 2004, 66per cent managed đồ sộ follow a diet for at least 6 months.

If somebody did want đồ sộ follow a diet lượt thích this, see a specialist.