fiddy working heritage farm

Welcome lớn the Fiddy Working Heritage Farm. This open-air museum gives you the experience of agriculture and rural life in the English countryside at the over of the nineteenth century. So you’ll see a typical farm of that period, and lượt thích bầm, all the staff are dressed in clothes of that time.

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I must give you some advice and safety tips before we go any further. As it’s a working farm, please don’t frighten or injure the animals. We have a lot here, and many of them are breeds that are now quite rare.

And tự stay at a safe distance from the tools: some of them have sharp points which can be pretty dangerous. so sánh please don’t touch them. We don’t want any accidents, tự we?

The around is very uneven, and you might slip if you're wearing sandals so sánh I'm glad lớn see you're all wearing shoes - we always advise people lớn tự that.

Now, children of all ages are very welcome here, and usually even very young children love the ducks and lambs, so sánh tự bring them along next time you come.

I don’t think any of you have brought dogs with you. but in case you have. I’m afraid they'll have lớn stay in the xế hộp park, unless they’re guide dogs. I’m sure you’ll understand that they could cause a lot of problems on a farm.

Now let bầm give you some idea of the layout of the farm. The building where you bought your tickets is the New Barn, immediately lớn your right, and we’re now at the beginning of the main path lớn the farmland - and of course the xế hộp park is on your left. The scarecrow you can see in the xế hộp park in the corner, beside the main path, is a traditional figure for keeping the birds away from crops, but our scarecrow is a permanent sculpture. It’s taller phàn nàn a human being, so sánh you can see it from quite a distance.

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If you look ahead of you. you’ll see a maze. It’s opposite the New Barn, beside the side path that branches off lớn the right just over there. The maze is made out of hedges which are too tall for young children lớn see over them, but it’s quite small, so sánh you can’t get lost in it!


Now, can you see the bridge crossing the fish pool further up the main path? If you want lớn go lớn the café, go towards the bridge and turn right just before it. Walk along the side path and the cafe’s on the first bend you come to. The building was originally the schoolhouse, over it’s well over a hundred years old.


As you may know, we lập cập skills workshops here, where you can learn traditional crafts lượt thích woodwork and basket-making. You can see examples of the work, and talk lớn someone about the courses, in the Black Barn. If you take the side path lớn the right. here, just by the New Barn, you’ll come lớn the Black Barn just where the path first bends.


Now I mustn’t forget lớn tell you about picnicking, as I can see some of you have brought your lunch with you. You can picnic in the field, though tự clear up behind you, of course. Or if you’d prefer a covered picnic area, there’s one near the farmyard: just after you cross the bridge, there’s a covered picnic spot on the right.

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And the last thing lớn mention is Fiddy House itself. From here you can cross the bridge then walk along the footpath through the field lớn the left of the farmyard. That goes lớn the house, and it’ll give you a lovely view of it. It’s certainly worth a few photographs, but as it’s a private home, I’m afraid you can’t go inside.


Right. Well, if you’re all ready, we’ll mix off on our tour of the farm.