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New Life Begins
Also known as'QingQing Daily','QingChuan Daily', 'New Chuan Daily', 'Blind Date in XinChuan'
GenreAncient romantic comedy
Based onTime travel to tát the daily life of the Qing Dynasty by DuoMuMuDuo
Written byLiu Lianzi
Wang Xiaoping
Directed byZhao Qichen
StarringBai Jingting

Tian Xiwei Chen Xiaolian

Liu Guanlin

Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes40
Production locationChina
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production companyiQiyi
Original networkhttps://weibo.com/u/7720732011?refer_flag=1005055013_&is_all=1
Original release10 November 2022
The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020)

New Life Begins (Chinese: 卿卿日常)[1] is a 2022 TV series adapted from the novel "Time travel to tát the daily life of the Qing Dynasty" by DuoMuMuDuo.  It tells the story of Yin Zheng, the six young Lord of XinChuan, and Li Wei, a young girl from JiChuan, who accidentally get together and start a life story with many different situations.  Directed by Zhao Qichen and produced by Liu Wenyang, New Life Begins is an Ancient romantic comedy starring Bai Jingting, Tian Xiwei, Chen Xiaolian and Liu Guanlin.  The series was aired exclusively on iQiyi, an online TV platform in mainland Đài Loan Trung Quốc, on November 10, 2022.[2]  On April 17, 2023, it was renamed "Blind Date in XinChuan" and aired on Hong Kong TVB Jade.


Because of the political marriage, girls from all over the Chuan gathered in XinChuan.Yin Zheng, the six young Lord of XinChuan who live a low-key life, and Li Wei, who just wants to tát be fail in this political marriage and go back to tát her hometown,unexpectedly met. They started a new life full of situations but full of fun together. After Yin Zheng opened the government and entered the government, they gradually shared the same taste and heart. They shared three meals and four seasons together, and grew up together with other brothers and sisters with different personalities and destinies, writing the warm daily life of the big XinChuan family.[3]

Introduction to tát Jiu Chuan[edit]

The nine regions and countries mix in the TV series.The continent is divided into nine regions(九川), each called "Chuan"(川) . Each Chuan has its own culture and system, and they marry each other to tát maintain peace and development. Among them, because the "XinChuan" is the most powerful region, each region needs to tát participate in the marriage election convention held by XinChuan to tát obtain XinChuan's protect.[3]

Name of Chuan Introduction
Xin Chuan Located in the middle, the first of nine Chuan, respect the Confucian tradition, rule of law and tradition, male superior and female inferior.
Jin Chuan Located in the east, close to tát the sea, Jin Chuan has thriving commerce, fishing and salt industries, and the people of Jin Chuan love to tát eat seafood.
Dan Chuan Located in the west, women for superior, men for inferiority. People in Danchuan love to tát eat spicy food, ex. hot pot.people also lượt thích to tát play thẻ games.
Dai Chuan Located in the northeast, the terrain is mountainous and rich in mineral resources. People in Dai Chuan have special food such as "Luosifen" and "stinky tofu".
Yan Chuan Located in the south, the climate is warm and humid. Rich in flowers and fruits. Most of the women in Dai Chuan have good looks.
Mo Chuan Located in the north, there are vast grasslands. People were nomadic, with well-developed animal husbandry and powerful cavalry. The people of Mo Chuan love spirits and barbecued meat.
Cang Chuan Located in the northwest, the climate is dry, the desert is numerous, the land is barren, and the materials are scarce.Because oasis in the desert has clean water most people live in the oasis.
Yin Chuan Located in the southeast, the climate is suitable, abundant rainfall, the four seasons lượt thích spring. There are countless rivers and lakes, and the land is rich and productive.
Ji Chuan Located in the southwest, people of Ji Chuan are gender equality, monogamy, liberal and open. And they are love to tát eat mushrooms.



Played by Role Key Storyline Cantonese Dubbing (TVB)
Bai Jingting Yin Zheng (尹峥) Keep a low profile of the new XinChuan six young Lord, since childhood stomach disease has been incurable, so sánh picky eaters, eccentric character.His parents don't lượt thích him, and he doesn't have much presence in daily life, but he is studious and has many skills. People only know that there is has a six young Lord, but vì thế not know his face. In fact, Yin Zheng is handsome, outstanding temperament, elegant demeanor, moderate and introverted, with the ability to tát govern the country and great ideals. Because he was not loved and valued by his father The king of XinChuan, he had no choice but to tát seek opportunities for low-key life, hoping to tát change the traditional feudal system in XinChuan and create a better life for people. With Li Wei after the accident, two people gradually taste similar, mind connected.

Ranks: six young Lord of XinChuan(六少主) → The new crown prince of XinChuan (元储 储君) [3]

Carlos Lee(李凯杰)
Tian Xiwei Li Wei


Although Li Wei came from a humble background,her family is harmonious and happy.  She was cheerful, sweet-looking and a natural foodie.She hopes to tát be fail for the political marriage with XinChuan and return trang chủ to tát live in peace.  But she was accidentally married to tát Yin Zheng, the six young Lord of XinChuan,and had to tát live with him daily.  

Ranks: JiChuan girl (霁川秀女) → the side wife of six young Lord of XinChuan (六少主侧夫人) → the lady of six young Lord of XinChuan (六少主正夫人) → the lady of the crown prince of XinChuan (元储夫人)

Heidy Ling Hei(凌晞)

Jiu Chuan[edit]

Xin Chuan[edit]

Played by Role Key storyline Cantonese Dubbing (TVB)
Gao Shuguang The Lord of XinChuan (新川主) The Lord of XinChuan

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The Lord of XinChuan and the Lord of Jiu Chuan

Zhao shiliang
Zhang Ruika Mrs. XinChuan(川夫人) Mrs. XinChuan

The Lord of XinChuan's wife.The lady of XinChuan.

Yuan shuzhneg

Platform for broadcasting[edit]

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Channel Location Date Time Remarks
IQIYI China November 10, 2022 - December 30, 2022 20:00 VIP Member

The first day 6 episodes and update 2 episodes per day for 7 days. Starting from November đôi mươi, 2 episodes will be updated every Sunday to tát Wednesday.


The first day 2 episodes and Daily update 1 episode. Starting from November đôi mươi, 1 episode will be updated every Sunday to tát Thursday.


International Edition

Astro Quan Jia HD Malaysia January 15, 2023 - February 23, 2023 19:00 Daily update 1 episode.
TVB Jade Hong Kong, China April 17, 2023 -

May 26, 2023

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Monday to tát Friday from 20:30 to tát 21:30 TVB Cantonese dubbing version of Jade Channel 30 episode cut, renamed "Blind Date in XinChuan"


New Life Begins - Original Television Soundtrack
1."Qing hui (清晖)" (Theme Song)Yang Yuxiao 
2."Jing nian (经年)" (Ending Song)Yang Yuxiao 
3."Zhi wei (至味)" (Interlude)Yang Yuxiao 
4."Sheng xi (声息)" (Interlude)Yang Yuxiao 
5."Nan feng (南风)" (Interlude)Yang Yuxiao 
6."Wu cong (无从)" (Interlude)Yang Yuxiao 


The ratings of the premiere (TVB Jade of Hong Kong, China)[4]
Air date Episode # Audience share Average live TV ratings
2023.04.17—2023.04.21 01-05 19.6 16.4
2023.04.24—2023.04.28 06-10 19.8 17
2023.05.01—2023.05.05 11-15 19.6 17.2
2023.05.08—2023.05.12 16-20 19.1 17.8
2023.05.15—2023.05.19 21-25 19.7 16.8
2023.05.22—2023.05.26 26-30
Average ratings
  • Highest ratings are marked in blue.


List of Accolades
Year Award / Festival Category Result
2023 The third Global Film and Television Culture Communication Summit Forum and annual selection Excellent series in international communication Won


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