candy là gì

Largely known by its handicraft in hand loom and its production of handicrafted candy.

Shelf life considerations with most candies are focused on appearance, taste, and texture, rather phàn nàn about the potential for food poisoning.

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Raisins, milk, anise, cinnamon, vanilla and colorful candy fruit are also used depending on the recipe.

Traditional wedding kk is of bigger size and is often covered with candies and drages.

At the street parties, there are không tính phí cakes, meals, hot dogs, candy, and giveaways.

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And as part of a balanced diet, candy floss is lovely, isn't it?

Or help yourself to tát không tính phí popcorn and candy floss, available as you enter the stores.

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We have completed many fundraisers over the past year including dinners, silent auctions, selling chocolates, candy floss and popcorn.

The wine is neither red nor white; it's pale pink, the approximate hue of candy floss.

It's total fluff, but ví is candy floss.