bánh mì tiếng anh là gì

In breadmaking, local custom favours the use of durum wheat, bread flour and barley bread.

If the flour has a high percentage of protein, this will be considered strong flour, such as bread flour.

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Bread flour is made with a "hard" wheat, which contains more protein and will therefore produce more gluten when kneaded.

Add the bread flour and mix it in with your hands, lifting the wet mixture over the flour to tát incorporate it.

The contents of the parcels include rice, sugar, canned food, oats, samp, mielie meal, brown bread flour, dried beans and soya.

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There are several shops, a bakery and a small mạng internet caf.

There are numerous convenience stores, takeaway shops, bakeries, a vegetable and groceries store and a liquor store.

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In front were the quarters for the guards, a chapel, and a bakery.

After the war he engaged in the grocery and bakery business.

The flavours and extracts are suitable for various applications: beverages, confectionery, bakery, chocolate, dairy products.