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Trong nội dung bài viết này, KISS English nằm trong chúng ta lần hiểu nội dung bài viết giờ Anh về entertainment. Hãy theo đòi dõi nhé.

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Xem tức thì cơ hội học tập kể từ vựng siêu tốc và ghi nhớ lâu bên trên phía trên nhé: 

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Entertainment là chủ thể khá thịnh hành vì như thế nó gắn sát với cuộc sống thường ngày thông thường ngày của tất cả chúng ta. Trong nội dung bài viết này, KISS English nằm trong chúng ta lần hiểu nội dung bài viết giờ Anh về entertainment. Hãy theo đòi dõi nhé.

Từ Vựng Thường Dùng Cho Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment

Một số kể từ vựng nhưng mà chúng ta cũng có thể sử dụng mang lại nội dung bài viết giờ Anh về entertainment.

Từ Vựng Thường Dùng Cho Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment
Từ Vựng Thường Dùng Cho Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment

Từ vựng về vị trí vui mừng đùa giải trí

Từ vựngPhát âmNghĩaVí dụ
music festival (n.p)/ˈmjuːzɪk ˈfes.tɪ.vəl/lễ hội âm nhạcWe lượt thích taking part in the music festival.
leisure centre (n.p)/ˈleʒə sentər/trung tâm giải tríWe usually go đồ sộ leisure centre when we have không tính tiền time.
concert (n)/ˈkɒn.sət/buổi hòa nhạcThe orchestra gave a concert in Miami in January.
carnival (n)/ˈkɑːnɪvəl/ngày hộiThere is a local carnival every year.
parade (n)/pəˈreɪd/cuộc diễu hànhSt Patrick’s Day parade in Thủ đô New York.
park (n)/pɑːk/công viênA public park will be built around the complex.
cinema (n)/ˈsɪnəmə/rạp chiếu phimWe were sitting in the cinema, waiting for the film đồ sộ begin.
swimming pool (n.p)/ˈswɪmɪŋ puːl/bể bơiMy house has an indoor swimming pool. 
museum (n) /mjuˈzɪ:əm/viện bảo tàngThey visited museums and galleries throughout the thành phố.
sports centre (n.p)/ˈspɔːts sentər/trung tâmthể thaoWe are the V.I.P. members at Alan sports centre.
playground (n)/ˈpleɪgraʊnd/sân chơiThat area of the coast is the playground of the rich.
pub (n)/pʌb/quán rượuWe’re all going đồ sộ the pub after work.
restaurant (n)/ˈrestrɒnt/nhà hàngWe’re going đồ sộ try this Italian restaurant that has just opened.

Từ vựng về kiểu dáng giải trí

Từ vựngPhát âmNghĩaVí dụ
listen đồ sộ music (v.p)/ˈlɪsn tuː ˈmjuːzɪk/nghe nhạcMy sister is listening đồ sộ music while I am studying.
play a musicalinstrument (v.p)/pleɪ ə ˈmjuːzɪkəlˈɪnstrʊmənt/chơi nhạc cụI can’t play any musical instruments.
go đồ sộ the cinema (v.p)/gəʊ tuː ðə ˈsɪnəmə/đi coi phimI usually go đồ sộ the cinema with my friends.
watch TV (v.p)/wɒʧ ˌtiːˈvi:/xem tiviI barely watch TV.
read (v)/riːd/đọcI lượt thích reading comic books.
write (v)/raɪt/viếtI am not good at writing.
play a sport (v.p)/pleɪ ə spɔːt/chơi thể thaoDo you play any sports?
do exercise (v.p)/duː ˈeksəsaɪz/tập thể dụcI usually tự exercise in the morning.
cook (v)/kʊk/nấu nướngI love cooking. 
go fishing (v.p)/gəʊ ˈfɪʃɪŋ/đi câu cáI will go fishing with my grandpa.
    gardening (n)/ˈɡɑːdnɪŋ/làm vườnMy father loves watching a gardening programme on TV.
hang out with friends (v.p)/ hæŋ aʊt wɪð frendz/đi đùa vớibạn bèI usually hố out with friends 
go đồ sộ the park (v.p)/gəʊ tuː ðə pɑːk/đi công viênBecause of the Covid-19 pandemic, I can’t go đồ sộ the park. 
dance (v)/dɑːns/nhảy múaI love nhảy đầm.

Mẫu Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment Trong IETLS

Mẫu Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment Trong IETLS
Mẫu Bài Viết Tiếng Anh Về Entertainment Trong IETLS

Đề bài bác 1: Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The purposes of watching films have been a topic of concern in modern society. While some people consider movies a source of entertainment with no other additional values, others believe in the educational benefits of them. As far as this is concerned, one cannot neglect the educational aspect of these productions. 

Films, regardless of genre, are a means of entertainment for everyone. Seeing a movie, surprisingly true, allows people đồ sộ escape from their daily lives once in a while, which also helps them relieve their stress and be mentally healthier. In addition đồ sộ this, some specific genres of movies such as comedy, romance, and thriller can amuse people effectively. In brief, films are great entertainment benefits indeed. 

However, it would not be enough đồ sộ claim that the sole purpose of movies is đồ sộ entertain because other aspects such as education are not negligible. Viewers have been using films as a tool đồ sộ learn foreign languages, by hearing native actors and actresses speaking their language in thousands of various scenes. Moreover, watching films đồ sộ learn about the culture and ways of life globally. An example of this is the documentary “Chef Table” on Netflix, which people can actually learn from this kind of film about Asian cuisine, including Vietnamese’s.

As the matter of fact, in many cases, it is better đồ sộ earn new information visually; therefore, films in general is an absolutely ideal source đồ sộ tự sánh. Since not everyone finds books and reading materials useful đồ sộ learn knowledge,  film is necessary.

In conclusion, movies can truly entertain all ages around the world and provide them with great sources of educational benefits, such as learning a new language or different cultures of nations. It can be seen that more and more people will consider films as essential learning materials in the future.  

Đề bài bác 2: Talk about your favorite TV show.

When it comes đồ sộ TV shows that made mạ laugh a lot, the one that springs đồ sộ my mind is “Friends”, which is an American television sitcom. So far, it is still considered as one of the best series by sánh many people around the world. The movie is basically about the life of six 20-something New Yorkers who hố out at a coffee house.

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“Friends” was aired for 10 years, from 1994 đồ sộ 2004. The show not only cracks mạ up everytime I watch, but also is very relatable, which explains why it is still sánh popular today. The show never tries đồ sộ gloss over the harsh reality of life. The topics addressed apply đồ sộ all kinds of people, and we can see bits of ourselves in the six friends as they try đồ sộ make their way in the world – which isn’t sánh different đồ sộ ours now.

At times the characters lost their jobs, struggled on a low income, and got stuck in the careers they hated. These are all situations that we today can identify with as we struggle đồ sộ make a living. Besides, the show starred many talented actors and actresses. I was most impressed by the performance of Matthew Perry, who portrayed the character Chandler – a very witty man with constant joke-making.

I can’t remember how many times I have watched the show and every time I tell myself đồ sộ watch just one episode, I always kết thúc up watching the whole season because of its stimulating plot. And above all, Friends is definitely a good guide through life for mạ.

Đề bài bác 3: The availability of entertainment such as Clip games on handheld devices are harmful đồ sộ individuals and đồ sộ the society they live in. To what extent tự you agree and disagree?

The increasing popularity of entertainment on portable devices is believed đồ sộ have a negative effect on individuals and society. In my opinion, I think this development has both benefits and drawbacks.

To begin with, the availability of entertainment on handheld devices is advantageous in many ways. From an individual perspective, Clip games and other types of entertainment serve as excellent relaxation tools for people who suffer from high levels of work-related stress. These convenient sources of entertainment allow people đồ sộ destress whenever they want, either during breaks or after a long day at work, without having any impact on their productivity. Also, many mobile games help đồ sộ create global communities for people sharing the same interests. For example, PUBG mobile has successfully hosted international events and competitions and thus connected millions of players together from all around the world. 

Beneficial as it may be, too much easily accessible entertainment on handheld devices can bring about several negative impacts. Since Clip games could be addicting, many young people these days spend too much time on their devices and therefore isolate themselves from their families and friends. This lack of face-to-face interaction not only hurts many real-life relationships but also increases the risk of mental health issues among the youth. In addition, when people waste large amounts of time on Clip games, they tend đồ sộ be less active, which can eventually lead đồ sộ a society of people living sedentary lifestyles. Lack of exercise over a long period of time makes people vulnerable đồ sộ metabolic diseases such as obesity, causing the deterioration of health and burdening a country’s healthcare system. 

In conclusion, although the accessibility of entertainment on portable devices can result in many health risks, they can also be effective stress relievers for many people, and encourage the networking of like-minded individuals across the globe.

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